The Lucky Stone! ALC FES Student Voice


The Lucky Stone by Aya Mhiouite in Advanced 2

Another day here in the sea, awakened by the sound of bouncing waves. The sun is high in the wide, blue sky and so bright I can barely see the sand. Nevertheless, I still recognize voices and laughter.

Then I realize that nothing has changed; I’m still in the same old spot with the same hopes and dreams. I have always wished to leave this miserable beach. I am tortured by this boring lifestyle each and every day, frustrated every time I see or hear somebody talking about life outside with a large smile on their face or talking about memories with family or friends. All I can do here is watch and meditate all day long. I don’t even get along with my siblings; being the only blue one in the area is considered pretty weird. So they make sure not to talk to me and totally ignore me.

I am right here in my spot, watching the birds relishing their freedom while flying in the beautiful, fair, sunny sky, when suddenly, a strange object is coming toward me. I have finally identified it! It’s a human hand.

I am scared for a moment, but I soon think it is the chance of a lifetime. I don’t even bother taking a last look at this miserable, lugubrious place that I have pictured with every detail in my mind.

I hear a soft voice say, “Wow, it’s gorgeous.” I look up and see a young lady with an astonished look on her face staring at me, checking me carefully (it looks like I have really gotten her attention). After all, being a blue stone has turned out to be quite interesting to this human. The reason why I have constantly been bullied and ignored has made my dream come true.

We are moving now; it’s my first look at the sand from above. As we come closer to the street, my view of the world changes completely. Abruptly, everything turns black. I panic for a second, but soon realize I am in my owner’s pocket.

After a few minutes, I am pulled out of the darkness and placed in a glass box. I look around and think, “Oh my God!” Gorgeous, dazzling, radiant siblings are all over the place. I am speechless! I try to introduce myself, but it seems like they don’t accept new roommates that easily. However, I don’t really care about this situation; the sheer glass offers an amazing view of the room, and the window offers another one of the garden. I am thrilled and grateful to be here.

It has been weeks since I first came here, and my owner, Anna, is rarely home. It turned out that she is an oceanographer, and she travels all the time, discovering the seas and studying animals and plants in their marine environment. The house is always calm and quiet. Another two weeks pass, and regret is eating up my mind.

It has been four months now. During this period, Anna has only come home twice. Today is the second morning of December. I hear a strange voice downstairs. I know for sure it isn’t Anna because she always sings her way up the stairs. I sit here nervously for a few minutes. Later, and without warning, the house is on fire. I am terrified. I try warning the others, but nobody listens to me. I wait for my destiny—patiently, calmly.

Then, out of the blue, Anna’s cat Garfield jumps over the desk and pulls the box down. Glass and stones are everywhere. The pet opens his mouth and comes towards me. The next thing I know, I am lying in the garden. (Apparently, he has been attracted by my color, too.) Soon, neighbors surround the house.

Anna is there, too. She’s down on her knees, crying, staring at the house with a hopeless look, demoralized, downhearted. She has lost everything; all that she has been working toward her entire life has vanished within minutes.

LUCKY STONE continues on page 3 on Student Voice February 2016