Obsessed with Technology! ALC FES Student Voice


Too many young people are
obsessed with technology nowadays.
Parents should do something, shouldn’t they?

By Hind Sody in Advanced 2

Don’t you think that the Internet has turned our existence upside down? Some people think that it has affected our lives in a positive way, but don’t you think that the Internet has ruined some people’s lives, too? Can’t you see that teenagers, even kids, are becoming addicted to it?
You can clearly notice these days that people don’t socialize anymore. You might meet your friend outside, but all you do is keep texting on your phone. Some even think that they have a lot of friends, like on Facebook or Twitter, but once you think about it again, you’ll realize that this virtual world won’t last forever. Furthermore, you may think that those people behind your computer screen can understand you. Well, that’s only what your mind says.
Have you also noticed how kids don’t play outside anymore, or how all they do is sit in front of their computers and play games the whole day? I hate how their parents act so proud of their children because they know how to use computers. All I can tell them is, “Open your eyes! “ There will come a day when your child will grow up, and you won’t know anything about him, what he does or what he likes.
Why? Because you didn’t limit the time he used to spend alone in his room on the Internet. Because you’re the reason why he’s so addicted to the Internet now, and that’s why he can’t leave his room and meet real people and make real friends. And believe me, he’ll blame you for that. I know that the Internet can solve a lot of problems in people’s lives, but it destroys our relationships, even the closest ones.

By Yasmine Mesbahi in Advanced 2

Many people think that teens spend too much time surfing the net, and they’re not wrong! But, honestly, what do you want us to do? We work a lot on school days, and to hang out, we use social media because we can’t go out all the time. And there is literally nothing to do in Fez, or in any other Moroccan city!
Teenagers think that instant messaging is better than talking face-to-face because you can say whatever you want to, and you really don’t care about what the haters say. You can also watch funny videos, tutorials, and podcasts on YouTube.
But what if you hang out in real life? You just talk and talk for a few hours, then you get bored. Some teens who are not confident could never talk in front of someone like a normal person. They’re always stressed out, and their hands get wet and everything!
So, why should parents do something about it if their teens feel really good and confident, and if they can be their real selves while they’re alone in their rooms when no one else is around? We should have some privacy, too, like grown -ups.
How do the grown-ups want us to learn how to be mature adults if they don’t give us the chance to?! I mean, our parents really need to think about this. Sometimes they wonder why we don’t talk to them or tell them our secrets. It’s simply because some things are private or sometimes embarrassing! They don’t tell us their private things, either! It’s natural to keep something for yourself. I wish that parents would understand.

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