ALIF Events

ALIF Cultural Activities

Summer I & II, 2018


Day Event Place


Friday, May 25

Orientation Room 30 2:00 PM

Saturday, May 26

Visit to the Medina

See the souks, mosques, medersas…

 Meet @ Hotel Batha

11:00 AM

Monday, May 28


Ramadan Customs in Morocco

Sadiq Raddad

Room 30

4:15 PM


Wednesday, May 30


Al Firdaous Ensemble

Andalusian Music from Granada


9:30 PM

Thursday, May 31, June 7//21/28, July 5/12/19

Arabic Calligraphy Lessons  



6:45 PM

(9:00 PM during Ramadan)

Saturday, June 2

Trip to Volubilis, & Meknes

Meet at Hotel Batha 9:00AM

 Tuesday, June 5

Collective Iftar

ALIF garden

7:30 PM

Saturday, June 9

Weekend at the beach

Trip to Assilah

Meet @ ALIF

8:30 AM

Tuesday, June 12

Islamic Geometry Wirkshop

Hamza El Fassiki


4:30 PM

Tuesday, June 19

Summer II


Room 1 12:15 PM

Friday, June 22


Summer II

free Couscous lunch

ALIF garden

12:15 PM

Saturday, June 23

Summer II Visit to the Medina

See the souks, mosques, medersas…

Meet @ Hotel Batha

10:00 PM

Sunday, June 24

Trip to Volubilis, & Meknes

Meet @ ALIF

9:00 AM

Tuesday, June 26



ALIF residence

7:30 PM

Friday, June 29

Trip to the Desert Meet @ ALIF

12:30 PM

Wednesday, July 11


Fez in American Writings

Hamid El Mountassir

Room 30

6:15 PM

Tuesday, July 17


Moroccan folk music


7:00 PM


ALIF Riad weekly movie screenings:

Arabic language films with English subtitles, Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM (also open to ALC and University students) Check board for titles

Check the ALIF board, our blog, and Facebook page for details.

Dance classes can be arranged in the ALIF riad with a minimum of 6 participants, 45 dhs each. See Liz or Abdellatif

Please take part in our different clubs: Photography, movie, music, cooking, drama, etc. 

Language Partner Program: Please see Liz Yaslik.

The present calendar is subject to change. Please check our Facebook page and Blog for updates.