ALIF Events

 ALIF Cultural Activities

Spring II, 2018

Day Event Place Time
Tuesday, April 10           Orientation Room 1 12:15 PM
Friday, April 13

  Free Couscous lunch

ALIF garden 12:15 PM
Saturday, April 14

Free Visit to the Medina

See the souks, mosques, medersas…

Meet @

Hotel Batha


10:00 AM

Saturday, April 14               Concert

             Hot Tank 5

ALIF Riad 7:00 PM
Monday, April 16           Book Launch

“Through the Peacock Gate”

        Sandy McCutcheon

ALIF Riad 6:00 PM
Tuesday, April 17/24-May 8/15     Calligraphy Lessons ALIF Riad


6:30 PM
Sunday, April 22

Trip to Volubilis, & Meknes

Meet @ ALIF garden  

9:00 AM

Saturday, April 28

        Jazz Workshop


ALIF Riad  

6:00 PM

Wednesday, May 10


“Moroccan Cultural Identities”

            Sadik Rddad

Room 30  

6:15 PM

Friday, April 27

      Trip to the desert

Meet @ ALIF garden 12:30 PM

Saturday, May 12




      Moroccan Rock

ALIF Riad 7:00 PM
Sunday, May 13 Arabic Immersion Day Meet

at Hotel Batha

10:00 AM


ALIF Riad weekly movie screenings:

Arabic language films with English subtitles, Fridays @ 6:30 PM (also open to ALC and University students) Check board for titles

Check the ALIF board, our blog, and Facebook page for details.

Please take part in our different clubs: Photography, movie, music, cooking, drama, etc. 

Language Partner Program: Please see Liz Yaslik.

The present calendar is subject to change. Please check our Facebook page and Blog for updates.