ALC Fes Merit Scholars for Fall 2016


The following students have been chosen as ALC-Fez Merit Scholars based on their outstanding academic performance for the past several terms. They will receive a 100% reduction in tuition fees for one term.

Beginning 2 Rim Maknassi Salim 
Beginning 3 Malak bennani Rtel 
Beginning 4 Rim Lakhder
Beginning 5 Zineb Idrissi 
Beginning 6 Khadija El Guarti 
Beginning 7 Meryem Aamoud 

Intermediate 1 Ahmed El Bekraoui 
Intermediate 2 Ikram Mrabet
Intermediate 3 Hanae Ezzaouya
Intermediate 4 Achraf Joubiti
Intermediate 5 Maria Meftaha El Ghissassi
Intermediate 6 Imane El Markhi

Advanced 1 Karima El Hanafi
Advanced 2 Anas Badaoui
Advanced 3 Lamiae Yammouri
Advanced 4 Kaoutar Bourak
Advanced 5 Manal Bezzazi

US Exchange Programs Info Session at ALC Fes

Interested in getting a scholarship or a grant for your association, or participating in a cultural exchange program?
The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy is organizing an info session in collaboration with ALC Fes on Tuesday, December 6 at 3 PM in Room 30.
The session will introduce MEPI grants for local NGO’S and associations, as well as inform young people about different cultural exchange programs and scholarship opportunities in the United States.
All are welcome!


English Teaching Internship Initiative – ETII at ALC Fes


30 wonderful ETII participants

The English Teaching Internship Initiative (ETII) began as an offshoot of the ALC’s Community Service Club (CSC). ALC volunteers were giving weekly English classes to students at a handicrafts center in Fez. However, with too many students and too few volunteers, the ALC’s CSC couldn’t keep up. Hence the idea was born to meet this need by bringing in Moroccan English Master’s students from the local university to supplement the work of the ALC volunteers. This proved to be a win-win for everyone involved: all the handicraft students were assured free weekly English lessons, and the Master’s students (many hoping to be English teachers one day) benefited from this unique professional development experience.

Now, thanks to a generous grant from the US State Department, the ETII is able to build on its success by expanding the scope of its mission to reach more beneficiaries around Fez. Thanks to an official partnership with the the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdullah University (SMBAU), the ETII is assured the full support of the higher education leadership in Fez. Furthermore, the ALC Fez has graciously offered its financial, logistical, and pedagogical backing to the ETII. Lastly, in order to reach students across Fez, the ETII has partnered with diverse Moroccan ministries, associations, and schools with the aim of expanding English language education in Fes. Source:


The amazing team of ALC teacher trainers, Taoufik, Kim, Safae, Chakib and ETII founder Peter.

English Teaching Internship Initiative-ETII- is a great opportunity for MA and Phd students to embrace the world of teaching and improve their English teaching skills. Through the program, students will go set up English language programs at ‘alternative education centers’ for underprivileged young Moroccans who live in precarious familial, economic, and/or social situations. This free program aims at boosting the academic excellence of students and making a difference in the lives of underprivileged Moroccans.


The famous Rachida Guelzim in one of ETII workshops

Ouiam Mallouk, one of the beneficiaries of the ETII Program states: ”Teaching has always been my passion since I have been raised in a family where all my sisters are language teachers. I am really happy to be part of the ETII program at ALC Fes. It is indeed a valuable learning experience for students. The ETII organizing team did a great job by bringing professionals and experts in the field of teaching. I am impressed of how enthusiastic teachers are while sharing their knowledge and expertise with us during the intensive weekend workshops. They really encouraged me to love teaching more. The workshops include different teaching methods ranging from Communicative, Structural, Grammar Translation, and Total Physical Response. I really liked the focus on interaction in teaching. I consider it as an effective way that teachers use to keep students interested and focused. I find the weekly in-class instruction interesting since it is both a learning and practical activity. I get the chance to observe and shadow how the instructor teaches and what methods/activities he uses. The program will allow me to take the TKT test- Teaching Knowledge Test which is an internationally recognized teaching certificate. This certificate will open new doors for me and prepare me for a future professional life as a young educator of English in my country Morocco and even abroad.”


Ouiam Mallouk, one of ETII participants.

Check out the ETII Teaser video to get an idea about the important work the ETII team is doing to expand English education in Fez. (Click to watch the video)

To learn more about the ETII, check our website and Facebook page.

ALC ALIF Book Club Meeting on Saturday

ALC-ALIF Book Club: Saturday, 15 Oct. at 1 PM in Room 1


This Saturday, We will be reading a short story by Anton Chekhov, “The Bet.” Join us for an exciting discussion about this remarkable story about the meaning of life, and about whether the death penalty is right or wrong. We will also watch a video that brings the short story to life! Here is the link for the story:

English Lunch Is Back

English Lunch is BACK
Join us in English Lunch on Wednesday, October 12th at 12:15 PM.
Open to ALC/ALIF students and the general public.
Please sign up on the whiteboard in the ALC/ALIF garden or confirm your attendance on our Facebook page or just call or text
Ali Gala 0667741520