English Lunch on Wednesdays

Join us for English Lunch on Wednesday, November 29 at 12:30 PM.

Please confirm your attendance on the Facebook group page below or SIGN UP on the whiteboard at ALC/ALIF garden by Wednesday at 10:30 AM (Minimum 6 students). You can also send at text message to Ali Gala at 0667741520.

Open to ALC/ALIF students and the general public. Spread the word and bring friends!


English Lunch this Wednesday

English Lunch! Please join us this Wednesday at 12:30 in the ALC garden.
For those who haven’t come to English Lunch before, the purpose is to have informal conversation practice and have a drink or lunch at the same time. You can bring your own lunch or can buy something from the kiosk.
ALC and ALIF students, library members, and other university students are welcome to participate.

ALC Fes Merit Scholars for Spring 2017

Congratulations Spring Term Merit Scholars!!

Beginning 2 Loubna Nouichi
Beginning 3 Rajae Sabir
Beginning 4 Oumaima Dkhissi
Beginning 5 Rita Lamrani
Beginning 6 Afaf Abdellaoui
Beginning 7 Fawaz Abbas Hamid Al Saad
Intermediate 1 Mourad Rahmouni
Intermediate 2 Ghita Benseddik
Intermediate 3 Houda Aiboud
Intermediate 4 Abir Mrini
Intermediate 5 Zineb El Yarmani
Intermediate 6 Inas El Mrini
Advanced 1 Mohammed Amine Zernoun
Advanced 2 Asmae Yakkaoui
Advanced 3 Taha Jai
Advanced 4 Aya Lafdili
Advanced 5 Achraf Belkasmi
Advanced 6 Zineb El Filali

These students have been chosen as ALC-Fez Merit Scholars based on their outstanding academic performance for the past several terms. They will receive a 100% reduction in tuition fees for one term.

Life Is Twofold! ALC Fes Student Voice

What Is Happiness? Life Is Twofold by Ibrahim in Advanced 4

With a lot of people speaking about happiness, I have come up with a theory (I don’t know why I call it that, but I do), and I would like to share it with you. It is entitled “life is twofold.”
Happiness is partial, never complete, and takes the form of a circle in which the same patterns alternately repeat themselves again and again. This means that someone will always experience fragmented patches of happiness and the opposite of happiness until their final days. There is no period of time in life that we call “the period of happiness.” As you have felt happy and sad in the past, you will feel the same in the future; this is what I mean by the same patterns constantly repeat themselves. The dead man went through the same patterns, and the newborn baby will live the same patterns; only the timing changes.
And believe me, what makes you happy today might make you sad tomorrow; this is a painful truth of which I have recently grown aware. As we are vulnerable and live in an unpredictable world full uncertainty and danger, we should accept our fate, cherish the periods of happiness, and resist the periods of sadness.
I liken happiness to a mirage in the desert. The sweaty, thirsty man is euphoric when he sees water from afar; as he walks desperately nearer, the water disappears. Never try to run after happiness; you will never catch it. Don’t work for it; you will never achieve it. Enjoy happiness when it knocks on your door unexpectedly and before it leaves again.
Life is fun only when it is unpredictable.

Click here to read the rest of the edition of Student Voice February-March 2017

ALC Fes Merit Scholars for Fall 2016


The following students have been chosen as ALC-Fez Merit Scholars based on their outstanding academic performance for the past several terms. They will receive a 100% reduction in tuition fees for one term.

Beginning 2 Rim Maknassi Salim 
Beginning 3 Malak bennani Rtel 
Beginning 4 Rim Lakhder
Beginning 5 Zineb Idrissi 
Beginning 6 Khadija El Guarti 
Beginning 7 Meryem Aamoud 

Intermediate 1 Ahmed El Bekraoui 
Intermediate 2 Ikram Mrabet
Intermediate 3 Hanae Ezzaouya
Intermediate 4 Achraf Joubiti
Intermediate 5 Maria Meftaha El Ghissassi
Intermediate 6 Imane El Markhi

Advanced 1 Karima El Hanafi
Advanced 2 Anas Badaoui
Advanced 3 Lamiae Yammouri
Advanced 4 Kaoutar Bourak
Advanced 5 Manal Bezzazi

US Exchange Programs Info Session at ALC Fes

Interested in getting a scholarship or a grant for your association, or participating in a cultural exchange program?
The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy is organizing an info session in collaboration with ALC Fes on Tuesday, December 6 at 3 PM in Room 30.
The session will introduce MEPI grants for local NGO’S and associations, as well as inform young people about different cultural exchange programs and scholarship opportunities in the United States.
All are welcome!