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As a Man Thinks by Meryem Sabor in Advanced 6

“As a man thinketh [thinks] in his heart, so is he…” This is quite a well- known aphorism quoted by James Allen. This author is known for his beliefs, saying that men are the complete sum of all their thoughts, and therefore, their thinking blossoms to result in their behavior, as well as their demeanor, be it real or sham.
We live in a world where good and evil are walking all around, finding a way to coexist within the same space, and, con- sidering that fact, people can be who they pretend to be, or they can be what lies in the shadow of that which they pretend to be.
Philosophy sustains that we can never know people for real since their demeanor could be forged to appeal to the viewer, even though deep down, that is the ugliest thing possible. Hence, what I’m saying is that someone who appears to be eerie can actually be normal. Someone who appears at his highest level of happiness can, deep down, be carrying a stab wound of sorrow. Someone who appears to be real can be nothing more than an illusion. Someone who appears to be beautiful and perfect can actually be narcissistic. Someone who appears to be as calm and steady as the ocean waves on a sunny day can be a time bomb.
Isn’t it odd? It’s astonishingly unbeliev- able how wrong you can be about someone. Is it that easy to put on a mask and wan- der around in it? Are people’s feelings this meaningless? There aren’t enough words to describe the depth of my bewilderment. How can one’s thoughts be disgraceful to the point of beguiling the people closest to them? Figuring this out remains beyond my capabilities.
After realizing we have been betrayed by the closest ones, we end up fearing the unknown, builiding tremendous walls of caution to hide behind, cutting off any kind of human contact. There is nothing worse than betrayal, deception, and disappoint- ment. Such heartache results in becoming cold as a rock, isolated, enclosed. We be- come the pure embodiment of loneliness. And no apology can bring the pieces back together because once something is broken, you have to accept that it is broken.
Like James Allen said, “I am the com- plete sum of all [my] thoughts.” I make and shape my own decisions. I grow the seeds of my behavior, but still, I try my best not to betray, nor deceive, nor disappoint.

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