ALC Fez Student Voice: ALC vs. Public School Teachers


 Tom Woodward / Flickr Creative Commons

Teachers: ALC vs. Public School by Marwa Salhi in Advanced 5
Although the ALC and public schools have existed for many decades now, it is irrefutable that the ALC wins hands down due to the quality of teaching that the ALC teachers provide their students. Consequently, you find that more students are attracted to the ALC teachers rather than public school ones.
Both sets of teachers, fortunately, pour their souls out when it comes to bringing knowledge and doing their best at educating the students that enroll in their classes. For instance, they both make sure to explain the lesson in ways that captivate the minds of their students; hence, making the class more engrossing for them. On another level, both ALC and public school teachers may have had similar academic careers, or even may have crossed paths at a certain point in their lives. Essentially, pedagogy is something that they share in common at some level.
Obviously, ALC teachers tend to use more technologically advanced methods to teach, which is believed to plant the seeds of knowledge better and faster for the students, unlike public school teachers who seem to lack “innovative” methods to build up the lesson. Moreover, ALC teachers rely on movies, plays and really fun discussions to increase the dynamic of the class. On another level, students might also present a real challenge to the public school teachers, which would eventually discourage them.
Overall, both ALC teachers and public school teachers of English are noble people with brave hearts. However, if students ever had the choice, their hearts would utterly want to be enrolled at the ALC.

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