ALC ALIF Heritage Club: “Sacred Geometry, The Cosmic Order”

ALC ALIF Heritage Club: “Sacred Geometry, The Cosmic Order”
Lecture by Aiysha Amin
Monday, October 16 @ 6:15
ALC, Room 30, 2 Rue Ahmed Hiba, Fes Ville Nouvelle

“Allah created the heavens and the earth is True (proportions): verily in that is a Sign for those who believe” (29:44)

Through understanding the symbolism of Sacred Geometry we can begin to discover how the Divine wishes itself to be known; as the natural world is a product of the Divine imagination. Discover how geometry can also serve as the prism of interconnection and alignment with nature. The appreciation of the symbolism behind this beautiful language will also give students a better understanding of why Islamic Art has adopted it through the ages as a form of expression and bringing beauty and much needed joy into our world.
The sessions will be exploring the Divine order of nature and creating a better understanding of the fundamental patterns that shape our world and existence. Students will have the opportunity to engage in creative pattern making and four fold geometric construction.

Aiysha Amin
Aiysha graduated from The Princes School of Traditional Arts in 2013. She received training in many different forms of traditional disciplines, and the language that connects them all, such as sacred geometry, islimi or arabesque designs etc. After graduating she set out to travel for a year to several countries as a personal spiritual pilgrimage in order to connect with different intentional Sufi communities. It was during this time that she travelled to Saudi Arabia with her spiritual guide.
The journey opened up many vistas of understanding and more importantly brought to the surface pertinent questions pertaining to faith, spirituality, ritualistic practice and in general how we view and our relationship with the Sacred.
Aiysha’s recent collection which she has been working on for a year and a half deals with these themes and ideas; in an age in which the ‘sense’ of the Sacred is being lost, and only a few fragmented traces of origins of Sacred history and sites remain.

Alongside this deeply personal project Aiysha works for the Greensville Trust (Liverpool, England) where she has been curating an exhibition called The Prophetic Relics for the last two years.