The Hammam as Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage in Morocco

ALIF lecture series



 ““The Hammam as Tangible and Intangible

Cultural Heritage in Morocco”

A lecture by

Naima Lahbil


Naima Lahbil, Moroccan Professor of Economics and current consultant with ADER-FES on the HAMMAMEED project will talk about the importance of the Hammam in Moroccan everyday culture and experience. Professor Lahbil has long been a champion of the cultural and historic heritage of Fes Medina and worked with UNESCO and the World Bank on many projects.

The project is working on restoring and maintaining the architectural and historic integrity of some of the important hammams in the medina. This lecture will give students some insight into the Moroccan hammam experience as well as an opportunity to learn more about the direction and goals of the historic restoration projects in Fes

Thursday, Sep. 18th
6:20 p.m.
Annex auditorium

This lecture is open to the general public